Stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the current status quo.

Afternoon my conservative collegiates.

I wanted to share with y’all today some interesting tidbits that are in my Sociology textbook.

The first interesting piece of information is that sociologists claim to not be biased. I find this statement false. The study of sociology, in my opinion, seems to be entirely biased. I will provide some examples.

1) Restricting abortion makes it unlikely that women will ever achieve equality with men. What is it with our society and condoning abortion? “Oh, without abortion women are still subjected to the wills of men.” Abortion, no matter how you look at it, is MURDER. It is not the place of anyone, women included, to decide if a human is to live or die. If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex. Safe sex is no sex. Honestly. In our society today, I think that women just like complaining. They like complaining so much that they can’t see that we HAVE achieved equality in our society. Women and men are EQUAL. You need to just lower your fists, take a deep breath, pause a minute and look around you. Women hold high executive positions. We can vote. We can hold political offices on the city/state/federal levels. We are not property of our husbands. We can own our own house.

2) Females who take the name of their husbands shows their inferiority to men. This habit condones rape of women, sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc. We should reject practices that keep an oppressive past alive in the present. Well this one is just so far-fetched that when I read it, I had to take a minute to compose myself and collect my thoughts. So, let me get this straight. When I get married, if I take my husband’s last name that means that I am giving him the right to rape me? To sexually harass me? Why get married then!? When women take the name of their husband, they are not condoning the mistreatment of women! Marriage is becoming one with your husband or wife! It is a union between one man, one woman, and God! What does our society not get about marriage? In marriage, two become one. That is not to say that you completely lose your personal identity. It’s not like that at all. But two bodies are becoming one with God. You not only have to think about one person, but two. It’s an act of completely and undying love. Not an act of condoning violence against women.

3) Football causes (obviously) authoritarianism, militarism, and sexism.
It is a metaphorical enactment of war. Men struggle with each other for power, a few elite men ordering other men to do the violent dirty work. Women keep out of the way, providing support and decoration (?). And most people, lacking and power themselves, just watch and cheer.
Participating in the spectacle of football reinforces the same values and impulses that underlie war and men’s domination of women. Implies that a struggle for masculine power is fine entertainment.
What kind of pitiful person sits at a desk and thinks of stupidity like this crap? I’m extremely concerned for our society. So now women are decoration? I was under the impression that cheerleading was a sport. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t do half of the things I’ve seen cheerleaders do. I would assume you would have to be in pretty good shape to do flips, throw people in the air, get thrown in the air, etc. I find it this whole explanation of football pitiful.

4) The term “freshman” is sexist because it has man in it. Oh yes, I’m super offended right now. Other words degrading to women are “chairman”, “you guys”, and “mankind”. Hm. Funny because as a woman, these words are not offensive. They’re just general words. Let’s use “you guys” as my example. “Guys” can be used as a general word, speaking to a group of people. When I see a group of girlfriends, I say “Hey Guys!” even though there isn’t one guy in the group. In many languages, if you are talking to a group of men and women, you us the masculine form of the word. It’s not sexist. It just is. It DOESN’T mean anything. But in our society today, we are so committed to finding injustices, that we will use any excuse to “change” something.

5) Going to school teaches students how to do meaningless work. SURPRISE. All that hard work you did in high school, that was a waste of time! I don’t know about all of you, but doing work in school, doing homework, taught me that I had to EARN the grades I got, taught me that I had to do the work to get credit. Guess it was all a waste. I work hard in school. I earn all the grades I get. I know that my work was not meaningless.

6) So I guess that as a woman, I am still living in a misogynistic world, as exhibited by the manners in which men and women sit. Men sprawled out, and women more compact. And here I’ve been thinking I had equality. Maybe I should sue someone.

So, while I was reading all of these, the only thing I could think about was if sociology supposedly isn’t biased, then how come all of these views are ideals of the left, of liberals? None of these are conservative values. If sociology was truly unbiased, was truly based just on fact and not on misconceptions, then I feel like there would be ideas that conservatives would believe in also. I could be wrong…


“The main cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now.” Zig Ziglar


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