Stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the current status quo.

I ask all of you to go read this article, and then come back because I am going to respond it to.

We are a Christian nation. I do not care what our President says. I don’t care what anyone else says. America is a Christian nation.

She was founded on Christian ideals. Our founding Father’s were Christians. The Constitution was built on Christian morals and values, on the Christian belief of the sanctity of every human life and the government’s responsibility to protect human life.

The majority of Americans classify themselves as Christian. Does that not make us still a primarily Christian nation?

I have read a few articles about this same issue in many universities throughout the country.

It always seems like the same story.

Atheists, Muslims, whoever, don’t like the fact that Christians are still a majority in America. They think that they are being discriminated against when they are not. So because Christians are the majority in America and a majority on many college campuses, then naturally we are oppressing other religious groups?

I don’t remember which class I was in, but one of my professors made a comment about the Christian organizations on my college campus. (We have quite a few, ranging from different churches, to different denominations, to different student groups, to sororities and fraternities, etc.) He said that we are dominated by Christian student organizations. Now, this doesn’t sound bad, I know. But it was the WAY he said it, with a demoralizing tone, with a touch of hatred in his voice. Needless to say, it irked me. And I sat there thinking, “Why is this a bad thing?” Why is it so horrible that there are Christian groups on this campus? I am proud that Christians have taken such a stance here.

I have observed something very important at my school.

Yes. We have MANY Christian groups. The christian sorority was passing out Valentines the other day outside our library with bible verses about love. Christians here have a major voice.


While they may technically be the majority, the university never sponsors or hosts any project or event that has anything Christian about it. We had a fast event for Ramadan that urged students campus wide to fast in order to understand its significance and learn more about Islam. There are numerous Africana events, pagan rituals, dances. Information sessions. Diversity awareness. Educational forums on Islam. Africa. Buddhists. Not one pertaining to Christianity. At least, not an event campus wide that is spread word of mouth by professors. They recognize the diversity of knowing more about religions in the Middle East and Africa, of being aware of the Islam religion.

And somehow they block out the most important one… The one that the majority of Americans associate themselves with. The one that drives this great country. The one that built this great country.

THAT sounds like discrimination. Oh, we are accepting and welcome to all religions and people… except Christians. Unless you try to share your religion faith.

I hope that all you Christians out there stay strong to who you are and to God and the Savior, for “[Y]ou will be hated by all because of My name.” Luke 21:17 (New American Standard Version).



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