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Sexist Language, huh?

Hey y’all. A few weeks ago I had to read this bogus article about “sexist language” and write a response to it. I wanted to share my response with you. However, before you read it, read the article I was responding to. =) I should also tell you yet again… this was in my sociology class. Scary stuff.

Check it out!!

Sexist Language, huh?


Comments on: "Sexist Language, huh?" (2)

  1. Terrance H. said:

    Ridiculous article. Good response. The comments are from your professor, I assume? Pretty interesting.

    The whole “whitey” thing doesn’t pass muster, in my view. Women in general have never been treated like African Americans, so the comparison is ridiculous, and it diminishes the significance of the events African Americans were forced to endure.

    • The comments are indeed from my professor.
      Of course using “whitey” to replace “man” is ridiculous. They’ll use whatever they can to make their point seem more valid. Some girl in my class said that is what swayed her to this woman’s side. I choked back a laugh. Bunch of bogus.

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