Stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the current status quo.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter!

I was searching the web and I came across this video on It is a young man speaking about the true gospel and how an organization called “Catholics for Choice” (a so-called Catholic pro-choice organization) is distorting the gospel. He speaks very eloquently about what the truth is within the gospel and how the reasons behind the teachings of Catholics for Choice are false. I would also like to mention that the organization in no way represents the standings of the Church. I invite you all to watch it. It was very informative and interesting.



Comments on: "The Truths of the Gospel" (6)

  1. Terrance H. said:

    Who cares about those fringe groups? They think they’re acting in the spirit of Dorthy Day or something.

    • What makes them so dangerous is that they speak “on behalf of” the Catholic Church, and people come to believe that those are the actual stances of the church when in fact they are not. It’s dangerous. A lot of people will believe whatever they hear.

      • Terrance H. said:

        I don’t know, New. I think the Catholic Church has made its stance pretty clear.

        I used to be Catholic. Well, technically, I still am, ’cause I haven’t been baptized in any other church, but I don’t attend the Catholic Church anymore. I wanted something for my kids and the church I went to didn’t really offer anything, so I found a non-denominational church that offers all sorts of classes for kids – free. Not just Sunday school either.

        Sometimes people stare at me during service because I’m still in the habit of some of the Catholic things, like crossing the forehead, lips, and chest, etc…


        • I have a couple friends who say they are Catholic, but their views on life and beliefs are in conflict with what the church teaches. So when they speak about their “faith” people believe that those things are facts of the church. And then I come a long and say “No, no, no” and they don’t know what to think. It all comes down to being educated really.
          I’m sorry your Catholic church didn’t offer activities for children! That’s very surprising. I love my church. It’s big, but there are a lot of ministries to get involved in. And they have a lot of things for children. =)


          • Terrance H. said:

            You’re the coolest person on any blog anywhere. A young conservative Republican woman. Unbelievable.

            Sorry, I can’t get over it!

          • Haha better start believing it! =)
            Thanks bunches for your comments! Love it.

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