Stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the current status quo.

Here we go folks. I’ve decided I am going to share my opinion on this whole TSA pat down shenanigans.

This is an article, with an accompanied video, about a former Miss USA winner who said she felt molested by the TSA agent who was patting her down.

I don’t really want to talk about this article in particular, but I included it because I thought it was interesting.

Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. The problem with our airport “security” is that it’s REACTIVE. They react to terrorist attacks, bombs, bomb threats, the whole liquid bomb thing, the underwear bomber, the Christmas day bomber. And the problem with all these reactions are that, well, they’re not really that effective.

Our airport and transportation security needs to start being more proactive. I know that this is a big statement, and you’ll probably say, “Hey! Lucy! How do you expect them to do this huh? Don’t talk big.”

I think that we can be proactive by making taking a few pointers from different countries. Take Israel for example. Their security is considered one of the best in the world! Don’t believe me? Google it. You can find numerous articles about their security. Here is one article about their security. And yes, included in the article is *gasp*! PROFILING!

NO NO NO. Not profiling! Lucy! It’s outrageous. You’re crazy to be condoning this nonsense.

No, I’m not. You are crazy. Read the article. I know this is just one example, but there are so many other examples out there too!

Israel’s airports use profiling to HELP keep them safe. To help keep the people safe. It’s not all entirely racial profiling, so let’s calm down here people. Their government asks the travelers a series of questions and check for nerves, uneasiness, signs that a possible terrorist might portray. Seems harmless to me. If you aren’t a terrorist, then there isn’t any reason to fear these questions. Honestly, they’re QUESTIONS. I get asked a million questions a day. I know you get asked a million questions a day. Oooo, scary. And a small percentage of their people get send back for secondary questioning. And yes, ok, race probably has something to do with it. But honestly, how can it not? I’m not racist, at all. But how many of those bombers are white? How many of them were not Muslims? It’s realism.

Seems like this system is a PROACTIVE way of keeping out terrorists…

So how hard would it be to answer a few questions? I mean, I honestly don’t think it would take up that much time. How long do you stand in the security line waiting for the TSA agent to look at your ID? They look at it. Look at your ticket. Point the flash light back at your ID. Look back to your ticket again. Back to your ID. NOW to your face. Then ID again. And FINALLY. Hand it back to you. Hmm…Yeah. I know they’ve changed this now, but there was a point in time when you had to hand your ID and ticket to another TSA agent as you were walking through the scanner. Because the first guy can’t tell my name is the same on the ticket and ID right? Right.

I mean, seriously. And NOW we have these crazy body scanners that give a view of a person virtually without their clothes? Seems helpful. I can see all your curves, all your junk, but seems as if your clear to go ahead. Thanks bud.

Bombs are being made from plastic now, so that would make metal detectors obsolete I would think.

And if I refuse this body scanner, just as the Miss USA did in the article above, I have to subject myself to a “pat down” from a TSA agent that probably would resemble molestation. There was a clip I saw a few months ago on Fox of a guy getting manhandled by a TSA agent, and my Dad very bluntly said, “I would have kick that idiot in the face.” Very well said, Dad. Can’t say I’d blame him. Absolutely ridiculous. I have also seen videos on the news of kids getting patted down. I mean, honestly. Let’s be a little realistic. I doubt even the Israeli’s would treat children as terrorists… It’s quite disgusting. I think for the sake of time, my dignity, and the sake and safety of the TSA worker, I would just do the body scanner. Enjoy the view.

We just aren’t doing a good job protecting the US people. We can step it up. In this technological age, we should be more technological. And we should definitely be taking some MAJOR pointers from the Israelis. Yup. You know? Those people in that little country all the way over there?

And just to clarify… I’m not saying that we completely overhaul our system to make exactly that of Israel’s. I’m simply saying, “Let’s continue learning.”

Share your thoughts with me!


Some other articles I found!,7340,L-3988578,00.html

Hmm… one more interesting observation. I was curious on what CNN thought of Israel’s airport security. So I typed it into their website. The Results: Egypt, Egyptian unrest, “Why terrorists attack airports?”, something on Russia, OH! Finally, “Reconsider profiling?” Close enough CNN. (If so many people support it… how come it hasn’t been implemented? Someone answer me!)


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