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Like I promised on Twitter yesterday, I’m finally sitting down and writing a new post for y’all. My apologies for the long wait. And like I also promised, I shall be writing about The Weiner.

Anthony Weiner (who looks like a wiener in my opinion) has gotten himself into something of a mess. I love controversy, so when I first saw this news on the news I was EXCITED.

Here’s a little background on the story. Supposedly… Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account was hacked into. And supposedly… this hacker sent out a picture to this 21 year old girl in Seattle, Washington of a man’s crotch. Ok. We’ve heard this story before.

But what is interesting about this story is that Weiner can’t verify if it is a picture of himself. Is it his crotch, it is not his? It’s all a big mystery, not only to the people but to the Rep. himself!

So that’s kind of weird…. And when reporters asked him about the pictures and the Twitter account he kept deflecting the question, talking about if he was speaking to a crowd and someone threw a pie, he wouldn’t talk about the pie for 2 hours. I’m not exactly sure what his point was. It really didn’t have one, other than to deflect.

So why would he be deflecting seemingly simple questions if he was innocent of this whole charade?

I don’t think he is innocent. I think the picture IS his… wiener. I don’t think anyone hacked into his Twitter account because if someone had, he’d want the perpetrator to be found and prosecuted for, well, hacking his account and making a mess.

BUT. He can’t seem to answer anyones questions simply or at all for that matter. HE doesn’t know if the picture of him or another dude. He doesn’t want to talk about the whole thing anymore. (Yeah, right.) He doesn’t want the FBI to get involved. He doesn’t want to investigate the hacking. He doesn’t want anything except, so it seems, for the whole thing to be dropped.

And only a guilty man doesn’t want to find the truth.

I find this Wash. Post article super interesting. Anthony Weiner has had the “worst week in washington”… or whatever. The worst week. Yeah, he’s having the worst week because he got caught in the middle of some very not nice stuff. That does stink a little. Stinks for you Weiner. Ya got yourself into it…


PS. If anyone was curious like I was and checked out his Twitter feed, he posts the most ridiculous stuff stabbing, of course, the GOP and Bush. Go check it out. It just goes to show how dumb and idiotic he is, like many of his Democratic peers. 😛


Comments on: "The Weinergate Scandal" (5)

  1. NewStatusQuo,

    Have you seen the photograph? I have. This story is really much ado about nothing. I don’t care if he sent the photograph or not. I don’t think being horny and creepy warrants an international investigation.

    If he sent the photo, great. If he didn’t, even better. But who honestly cares? Oil prices are through the roof; unemployment remains stagnate; we’re in debt up to our ears; our healthcare and education system[s] is an utter disrepair, and we’ve involved in three Middle Eastern wars!!! There are more important things to be talking about.

    I’m not criticizing you, but the news media. They are, in my opinion, nothing but a bunch of whores and “talk sluts.”

    This is what our country has become. It’s sad.

    • I have not seen the photograph. And I don’t think it’s the fact that the picture was sent that warrants the investigation. I think that he is making a huge deal about it (although he says that he wants to stop talking about it) and if his Twitter really was hacked into, there needs to be some sort of investigation. It is just wrong for a sitting member of Congress’ Twitter to be hacked… if it really was.
      But I totally agree with you about the media. Unemployment has risen yet again, and it currently stands at 9.1%. It barely gets attention. I don’t believe we are out of the recession yet, because if we were, we would be seeing improvement, and all I’m seeing is stagnation. The housing market has only improved slightly, if that. We definitely should be focusing on more important issue. I just blogged about this because it was easy and stupid. And the dude has a funny name 😛

      • Terrance H. said:

        No. I blogged about it myself, or at least participated in a blog that talked about it. My problem is with the news media. It’s absurd the kind of garbage they latch onto.

        I noticed you haven’t been blogging much. What gives? You getting tired of us already?

  2. I have seen similar about this post. But it seems your’s is different and best.

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