Stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the current status quo.

Apparently, New Zealand is targeting Down Syndrome babies to abort. They have a new state-funded eugenic antenatal screening program used for the purpose of determining whether a child will be born with Downs or not. It’s euthanasia of Down Syndrome children. It’s disgusting.

Here is an article on a website dedicated to saving these children. The website is Please check them out!

It’s an atrocity that any innocent child is aborted. But it’s even worse when specific babies are aborted because of a special need.




Comments on: "New Zealand Targets Down Syndrome" (2)

  1. Terrance H. said:

    This is an example of ideology getting in the way of common sense and humanity. The far-Left Ideology says it’s humane to simply end the suffering (assumed suffering) of a child born with Down Syndrome. What exactly the suffering is I don’t know.

    If not for their horrible views on abortion, I could reasonably be a socialist. They have taken something that is all about helping people and turned it into a horror. Shame.

    • What it is is ignorance and disrespect. They think that the child with Down Syndrome is suffering because they are not “normal.” But I have a sister with Downs, and when I look at her, I think the abnormal ones are the rest of us.

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