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Giving Aid to North Korea

Happy Saturday, y’all and happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great, relaxing day.

I was reading the newspaper this morning (I’m home for the break and have access to a newspaper), and came across an interesting article.

“North Korea’s Needs Food Aid, Agencies Say.”

So, North Korea is looking for international aid, eh?

The communist nation needs to import 739,000 tons of food in order to feed their people, but “because of high global food prices” are only able to import 325,000 tons of food. Of course high prices are to blame for the government starving its people. Naturally.

America and South Korea fear that this shortage in food is due to North Korea diverting food aid to the military.

And I ask myself that critical question,”Then why are we going to send them food aid?”

I understand why the USA and South Korea would separate humanitarian aid and political issues and I would normally be behind it 100%. BUT. It’s North Korea. It’s a communist nation. They bomb South Korea for the heck of it. They don’t care about anything besides their military and political strength. They torture their citizens and run every aspect of their lives.

If we are going to send them food aid for their people despite fears of the North Korean government diverting the food to their military, what good is that? The people aren’t getting the food anyways and we are just helping their military.

The USA government acts like the world police, and they need to stop that. Our government, at this point in time, can’t even help all Americans. How can they expect to help the citizens of North Korea? We need to be focusing on our own efforts here at home, not those of a communist nation (who hates our guts).

I am all for helping out those less fortunate that ourselves. I am all for humanitarian aid. However, aid should only be given to people/nations who are going to appreciate it, and not take advantage of it.

You can read the article here. Let me know your viewpoints.



Baby Joseph…

Hey everyone. I posted a few months ago about the little Canadian baby, Joseph.

He died today in his home with his family. I thought I would share the article with you.



New Zealand Targets Down Syndrome

Apparently, New Zealand is targeting Down Syndrome babies to abort. They have a new state-funded eugenic antenatal screening program used for the purpose of determining whether a child will be born with Downs or not. It’s euthanasia of Down Syndrome children. It’s disgusting.

Here is an article on a website dedicated to saving these children. The website is Please check them out!

It’s an atrocity that any innocent child is aborted. But it’s even worse when specific babies are aborted because of a special need.



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