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Um. Seriously?

I hate when I have to do this (really  I do), but I am throwing one of my friends under the bus again.

Oh, liberals.

I won’t say names. But one of my female friends posted this on her fb page, and it just so conveniently came up on my news feed.

“‘Welfare will create generations of irresponsible animals.’ Fox News…..AHHHHHHHHHHH!! HEAD DESK!! AND PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS SHIT?!?!?!”

This post was accompanied by this link.

John Stewart. Oh goodness…

My response to this status would go as follows.

Ahem. My dear friend, You are stupid. I’m sorry to be so blunt. You can bash Fox News all you want, but you are getting your news from John Stewart on Comedy Central. John Stewart is not a credible news source. He has no idea what he is talking about. He is trying to be funny. He is not a news anchor. He is not a scholar. If you want to bash Fox News, watch something credible. Or at least more credible than John Stewart. I would even prefer you watch CNN or MSNBC. SOMETHING! Watch the “news.” Not this fake, stupid news. Sincerely, You’re friend, who really wants you to be educated and know your facts and stop being silly.

If only.

I know this is mean. It really upsets me that my friends are so uninformed and come up with stupid crap like this. If I were to REALLY post something on this stupid post, it would go something like this….

You can bash Fox News and conservatives all you want. You get your news from John Stewart on Comedy Central….. ’nuff said.

But since this chick is my friend….. I’ll just rant about her political stupidity to you guys! Awesome.

I mean, honestly. How ignorant people are! How ignorant liberals are. How ignorant my friends are.

I think I need to find more conservative friends. 😛



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