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Even my Computer

Hi everyone!

I was typing up my résumé yesterday, and I wanted to share the screen shot of a particular section of it with you.

Apparently, even my computer recognizes “sexist” language… =P

In case you can’t read it, the sentence I wrote was “Tutored underclassmen…”

My computer underlined “underclassmen” as a grammar error, and for its suggestion it says, “Gender-Specific expression. Consider replacing with ‘under class student’.”

Oh my goodness. Really? REALLY?

I’m curious if anyone else’s computer has corrected their word documents with gender specific expressions. Let me know!


“Then he said, ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.’ He replied to him, ‘Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.'” (Luke 23: 42-43)


Sexist Language, huh?

Hey y’all. A few weeks ago I had to read this bogus article about “sexist language” and write a response to it. I wanted to share my response with you. However, before you read it, read the article I was responding to. =) I should also tell you yet again… this was in my sociology class. Scary stuff.

Check it out!!

Sexist Language, huh?

Ch. 3 Sex: Love’s Got Something to Do With It

Has anyone else noticed how the main topic of many of women’s magazines is sex? Cosmo, Glamour, Women’s Health online has a sex page, Marie Claire. The list goes on. It’s all about recreational sex.

The Pol. Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism makes an interesting observation. “Women lost the sexual revolution.” (pg. 19)

Recreational sexual activity was supposed to put women on the same playing field as men, show men that they have just as much control over their own bodies. Except what they have done instead is show that they’ll have sex whenever and where ever.

As a college student, the temptation of pre-marital sex is everywhere. I often hear “You’re in college; you’re supposed to have sex.” Or “Let’s loose every now and then, Lucy. Have fun!”

Ugh, no. Sex may be a part of the majority of college students lives, but it’s not going to be a part of mine. You can give me grief all you want, you can tell me I’m too uptight, that I’m too conservative. But all that’s going to do is make me stand more firm to my beliefs. It’s going to have the opposite effect on me.

On pg. 21, Lukas explains how this idea of recreation sex doesn’t end with college. “Our pop culture seems to celebrate- even while still sneering at- infamously promiscuous young women.”

I interpret this statement as such: As young college students, as adults, we are supposed to have casual sex, but society looks down at promiscuous women as easy, sluts, etc.

So where is the balance? There is none. It’s an oxymoron. Have lots of sex! But not too much. Give your body to multiple men! But not too many.

My goodness. If anyone thinks this message is just in the popular media, on television shows, in popular magazines, I’m sorry, but you are very mistaken.

In my sociology class, we are talking about gender inequality, and this idea has come up multiple times of having many sex partners and it being an ok thing. Women’s study classes are all about women’s sexual roles. Check out pg. 23 for some quotes from a few textbooks.

“Sexual exploration is a key element of women’s liberation” (pg. 22).

Here’s a question. If casual sex was supposed to liberate women, how come there are still sexual assaults, rapes, sexual harassment against women? I think we have created a monster. Not only are there more risks to STD’s, but abortion rates are higher than ever because women are getting pregnant and killing their unwanted child. It’s disgusting. Not only are they ruining their own lives, but the lives of another.

“Women has adopted the worst characteristics of men.” pg. 25 Haha. So true! The paragraph after this quote is excellent.

The rest of the chapter is about how women are unable to separate love and sex. And I truly believe this. Women are different from men, and I believe that biology has a great deal to do with this, no matter how many times my Sociology prof. tells me I’m wrong. We are just different from men. I’m not sure why our society today is so persistent on making sure that there isn’t love in sexual relationships. “Women are warned against engaging in casual sex with someone in whom they might possible be interested for a real relationship.” (pg. 29) Man, this is sad…

Here’s my take on things. I’m going to present myself with modesty. I’m not going to walk around with a super low-cut shirt, or shorty short shorts. Why? Because I want a guy to respect me for my mind, my spirit, my personality. Not because he thinks he can get some. Oh, Lucy, that’s so cliché! Well, I respect myself too much to throw my body around. I just wish my friends could see things the same way.

Have a great weekend everyone!


“My child, be modest in your self-esteem, and value yourself at your proper worth.” Sirach 10:28


Ch. 2- Return to Romance

Hope everyone is having a great day, thus far.

Here is my commentary on Ch. 2 of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.”

What ever happened to chivalry? I mean, honestly. What happened to guys opening doors for girls? Or guys making the first move to ask a girl out on a date?

I’ll tell you what happened! Feminists happened! And according to them “traditional gender roles in romantic relationships are sexist and stifling for women” (pg. 7). So, if a guy opens a door for me, he is pretty much saying “Here. Let me get the door for you. It’s too heavy for your female arms.” Please, people. If a guy offers to pay for your dinner he isn’t a misogynist! He is being polite and CHIVALROUS! He is showing you respect.

I have hope, nonetheless. I don’t think chivalry is completely dead.

While feminists have continuously striven for female empowerment (lol), “many women have experiences a loss of power int he post-sexual revolution dating environment.” Well, no DUH. I mean. Look at our society right now. Women are viewed as sex objects. We have to look a certain way, weigh a certain weight, have our hair a certain way, act a certain way. And everything is sexualized. It’s no wonder women have lost power in the dating arena. Men aren’t expected to act or treat women with respect. And when a girl comes along and says no to premarital sex, or doesn’t act or look a certain way, when they say NO to the Status Quo of being a sex object, to being “free”, guys don’t know what to do. It’s out of the norm for them. So, here is how I see this. Women have lost power in the dating scene because they have become sex objects. “Little or nothing is expected from men by the women who sleep with them.” (pg. 14) I don’t want to be the girl no one expects anything from! You better expect a lot out of me. You better respect me. No respect? I don’t want anything to do with you. I have a brain! I’m smart. Feminists are going about this all wrong. They are unable to see that women are MORE empowered when they don’t give a man sex, when they have self-respect, when they see the good in themselves. When they see that they are special and beautiful and smart.

I’m a traditional gal. A relationship is all about respect, and I usually know right off the bat is a guy is respectful or not. It’s pretty obvious by how he speaks, the language he uses, how he dresses, his mannerisms, etc. I have high expectations of people, especially guys.

And so. In our society today, virginity is not considered a virtue. It is something to be thrown away. Sex is not about love; it is about instant pleasure. My friends will tell me that I need to loosen up, have some fun. But there is nothing “fun” in dating every guy you come in contact with, nothing fun about sleeping with different people. I respect myself too much to be someone’s “notch on the bedpost”, or another girl to add to the list of girls they’ve dated. I want more out of life. But this doesn’t mean that I’m giving in to men. Oh no. I’m in control here despite what feminists may say.

The chapter continues like this. It talks about how divorce means nothing anymore. Marriage means nothing. If you get marry and decide you don’t like the person anymore… No biggy. Divorce them. Find another one.

There is “no obligation to continue the relationship” in our society. How sad is that?

I really enjoy the part of the different types of relationships, on pg. 12-13. The “joined at the hip” relationship. The “hanging out” relationship. The hooker uppers. In all of this, women have lost power. They’re blind to the truth!

I could keep talking about all of this, but I think you could get more out of it if you read the book. I urge all of you to get it! It’s really a great read, easy read also. Have a great day everyone!


“Therefore, I will hedge in her way with thorns and erect a wall against her, so that she cannot find her paths. If she runs after her lovers, she shall not overtake them; if she looks for them she shall not find them. They she shall say, ‘I will go back to my first husband, for it was better with me then than now.'” Hosea 2: 8-9

Ch.1-Pol. Incorrect Guide: Women, Sex, Feminism

Hi my fellow college conservatives! Hope life is treating you well.

As I mentioned on my Twitter earlier on, I have started reading “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism” written by Carrie L. Lukas. I have finished Ch. 1 and am almost done with Ch. 2. I LOVE IT! I urge all of you to go grab it and read it. I bought it off of Amazon for about a buck… (shipping unfortunately was $5. gross). But 6 dollars still isn’t a lot.

I’ve decided that I am going to blog about it while I read through it. Get some of my ideas on paper, compare it to Sociology, which I have found so far is the complete opposite of what this book is arguing. I hope you all will follow along with me and also include your own thoughts. I would love to hear some of your ideas.

The introduction provides a little bit of background into the feminist movement: its humble beginnings (the “first-wave”), leading into the “second-wave”, which is when feminists began to push more for political and social changes, and now the “third-wave”, feminism spreading across college campuses, influencing public policy and popular culture and misinforming young women. Wrote a few notes in the margins…

Note: This book is exposing the problems and inconsistencies with feminism. Many of my notes are in agreement with what the book is talking about. =)

“…it’s old-fashioned to associate sex with marriage and love.” (pg. x) Um. I wrote a big, fat WRONG. Seriously, people. Is sex not the definition of love and marriage? Obviously not in our culture today, which saddens me extremely. Sex is a gift from God that should be between one man and one woman… Go ahead and blush. It’s the truth. It’s sad love has been turned into a farce. I find that my views on marriage and love, and yes, sex, is snubbed by my “friends.” They don’t understand why I want to wait until marriage, why I have this romantic view of love. But I believe that there is STILL such a thing as undying love today, even in our society of one-night stands and extremely high divorce rates. I pray every night that God blesses me with a great husband. I have faith He will.

“…women’s primary goal should be to work full-time and make money.” (pg. xi) Well, this is all and dandy, if it’s actually what a woman WANTS. But what about all the women out there, such as myself, who want to be mothers? This doesn’t mean they are saying that men have power over them. Feminists have such a misconstrued image of what marriage REALLY is. Maybe they should educate themselves.

Interesting point: The original feminist movement was created to get the rights men had. Well, I think they have succeeded. Don’t you? I can’t think of a law that enables men but prohibits women. If I’m wrong, please correct me. Feminists are just always geared for a fight though. They don’t know when to just stop. They want women and men to be interchangeable. And I hate to bust their bubble, but this will never happen. To be totally honest, I don’t want to be a man. I don’t want to be interchangeable with them either, no offense guys. Men and women are biologically different. There is no changing that, no matter how hard you try.

The idea that behavioral characteristics associated with women and men are constructed by society is one of THE major platforms of sociology. I am currently taking the class now at my university, and sociologists thing that EVERYTHING is constructed by the society we live in. While this may be true of certain things, gender and gender roles and characteristics of genders is NOT one of them. Sorry ’boutcha. I do want to get a good grade in that class, so I don’t outwardly disagree with my professor too much, but I just don’t understand where she gets half of the stuff for our class. It’s a load of hogwash to me. Because, honestly, men and women are just biologically different. It’s biology. Can’t mess with that.

And so we move onto pg. 2…. Yes. Men and women are different. But different does not mean worse! Yes. Women are different than men. Let’s deal with this fact. But just because I don’t look like a man, don’t have the same genetic make-up as a man, don’t have the same hormones as a man doesn’t mean that I am inferior to them! It’s just different. Men have things they are more capable of. Women have things they are more capable of. I told my sociology teacher that I thought women were biologically programmed to be better nurturers than men, and you would have thought I had just told her that I wanted her first born child (if she ever had kids of course). I shall tell you why I believe that women are better nurturers than men… Women are able to bear children. Men are not. Therefore, women (or at least most of them) have this mother thing programmed into them. They are able to feel the child growing inside of them. They are able to form a more intimate bond with the newborn than the fathers because, let’s face it, after spending 9 months pretty much joined at the hip, you better be close. This is not to say that men are not good nurturers. I just feel that women have a leg up on the whole nurturer, mother, parent thing.

Men and women each have their own strengths. Different can be good.

And on it goes. Feminists want a gender free society. Which can be obtained because gender is socially constructed. Uh huh.

They still argue that women still assume lower levels of achievement in business and politics (pg. 6). I don’t see how this can be true. I’m not too educated in the business arena, but I’m sure there are many female CEO’s. I would just have to research that a bit more. Politics I do know, however. What about all the women on Fox news? Megyn Kelly. Martha MacCallum. What about Hilary Clinton? Condoleezza Rice? Goodness, even Michelle Obama. There are many more. Seems like success to me. If women didn’t have equal rights, would I be able to blog about my opinions on the world-wide web? I’d have no say. No women would have any say. To all those radical, liberal feminists, I say back off. You won your fight years and years and years ago. Lay off!

Chapter 2 will be coming soon. Share your thoughts with me!


“The trouble with The Women’s Revolution is that we have not gone far enough because we indulge our fathers, husbands, brothers, sons… We accept the burden of being rational cause we know they’re testosterone-driven.” – Erica Long, a “Feminist Icon” (pg. 2) (This is sooooooo laughable, I can’t even tell you.)

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