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Stuff That Drives Me Crazy

We all have those days. You know… Those one’s where nothing goes right. You lose everything. You are late. Get stuck in traffic. Forget your books, forget to do your homework, forget to set your alarm and wake up in a panic for class. Have butter fingers; drop everything. Stub your toes. Smack yourself in the face. Forget about an important meeting. Forget to study for your mid-term. The list goes on. You can add to it if you wish.

This is how much talent I have. Yesterday I cut my arm on the little thing on the microwave that locks the door into place. Yep. Went to take out my dinner and underestimated the distance I needed to move my arm to close the door. Have a huge scrap. It actually hurt quite a bit…

Anyways! I love Francesca Battistelli’s music, and this song makes me feel better about myself and my horrible days and those little things that drive me crazy. Hope it helps y’all too!! STAY POSITIVE!! 😀



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