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Such a Long Week

Hey y’all! I am so sorry this post is a bit delayed. I have been at training for my new job now for a week, and let me tell you, it has been a LONG week.

A week full of speakers and instruction. But out of all the days, yesterday was possibly the longest. A speaker came in to talk about GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) and the responsibility I have to that community.

I just sat there praying that the presentation would be about how we don’t have the right to discriminate against them because of their sexual orientation. And while that was talked about quite a bit, it became clear early on, and was brought up often, that I was expected to be an ally (advocated) for the GLBT community. If any of you have not heard the term “ally” referred to GLBT, in short, I am expected to put aside my morals/ethics and be a spokesperson for gay rights.

Let me tell you that I do not think it is my place to judge anyone, and I try hard to maintain a non-judgemental attitude. I don’t treat people differently because they are gay. I do not feel weird around them. They are human beings just like me. I treat them with respect. But I do not find their lifestyle morally acceptable, and I can not, with a free conscience, stand there an advocated for same-sex marriage and gay rights.

Not only did the rest of my co-workers and I sit there listening to the woman speak about gay rights and the laws that are not in place to protect their rights, but at the end we were expected to act in a short skit. The skits were real situations about mistreatment of GLBT members. In one way, I understand why she did the skits: to help us understand that this discrimination is real and that people are getting harassed and mistreated. In the other sense, it was extremely uncomfortable.

During the entire three-hour presentation, I felt like the only person in the room who has sticking to my beliefs. If someone was closed off in the beginning and sticking to what they believed in, they had given into believing that homosexuality was ok in the end.

As a conservative college student in a liberal college world, these sorts of situations happen often. But it never ceases to amaze me how many people are so easily swayed by a single presentation.

My challenge to you other college kids is this: Stay open-minded. Listen to what people are saying. Don’t sit there and judge them. But don’t back down on what you believe is right. Don’t sacrifice your morals and values. Treat everyone with respect. But expect them to respect you in return. Be who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you that your conservative views are wrong or faulty. And trust in God in everything that you do.

Have a great day!



Legalizing “Love”

Oh, New York.

How disappointed I am in you.

New York has apparently jumped on the band wagon and legalized gay “marriage.”

I know that I have blogged about this gay marriage before, so I won’t go into it too much… but this is just ridiculous. I guess I will just never understand the arguments of liberals. And call me old fashion, but heck people, marriage is between one man and one woman. It has been that way since the beginning of time. You don’t need a religious argument to prove that there cannot be a marriage between two people of the same-sex.

The law passed the New York Congress with the support of 4 Republican Senators and 1 Democratic Senator who voted against it (good for you).

44 States still do not allow same-sex marriage, and 30 of those 44 states have BANNED gay marriage. Let’s hope that the remaining 14 states soon do the same.

A man and a woman is essential for the creation of life. A child needs a mother and a father, not two mothers and not two fathers. Why do you think it requires a man and woman to create life? Happenstance? Just a mistake?

The traditional family is being thrown out the window, almost literally. There is no respect for traditional marriages. There is no respect for the children. Gay Rights activists are lying through their teeth when they say that people who don’t allow them to love the person they love are homophobes, or they don’t care for the rights of all people or want equality throughout the country. Or that it doesn’t hurt anyone when gay marriage is legalized. And most of us are too dumb to see their weak arguments.

The Human Rights Campaign is falsely named. Their organization isn’t for the rights of all human people; it’s for the selfish desires that benefit just a few people.

So, now we have New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, Connecticut, and Massachusetts that have “legalized love.” (Give me a break.)

I don’t think I’ll be moving to New England anytime soon. Or Iowa.


Homosexual Activist Bullies Lose: Attorney Paul Clement Will Defend Marriage

I know I say this quite a bit, but this was an interesting article. It touches on Boehner hiring Attorney Paul Clement to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

As I’m sure you are all aware of, Obama contradicts himself when it comes to gay marriage. He’ll say he’s not sure where he stands, that he believes marriage (because of his Christian faith) is between one man, a woman, and God. But then he goes and orders the Justice Department to stop defending marriage. He goes and doesn’t defend the sanctity of marriage but instead attempts to crush it.

So, ok. The problem I have with this is that Obama thinks he has the right to order and demand the Justice Department, which last time I checked was part of the Judiciary branch of our government, not the executive, to stop upholding a constitutional law. (Yes, I believe and know that it is constitutional. We have to uphold some moral standard in our country.)

Let’s take an US Government lesson, shall we.

There are 3 branches of our government: the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judiciary Branch.

The Legislative Branch is the lawmakers, Congress-the Senate and the House. They are able to make laws that are then sent to the President to either be signed or vetoed. Check.

The Executive Branch is the President of the United States. He enforces/executes (ah haa) laws, signs laws into action. He is able to check the Legislative branch using Vetoes and Pocket Vetoes. Ok.

The Judicial Branch upholds the constitution. They are able to declare laws unconstitutional and constitutional. They check both the Executive and Legislative branches in a few different ways.

I mean, not sure about you guys, but I don’t see anywhere in that little mini-lesson (unless I left something important out) that gives the President the right to ORDER the Judicial Branch to stop defending the sanctity of marriage. He just doesn’t have that right. If they rule it constitutional, then he needs to respect that. The President cannot make laws and he cannot declare them unconstitutional. Maybe Obama needs to look up his job description again…

I am completely behind Boehner and Paul Clement on this. It’s about time someone stood and up and said STOP. We are going to defend the morals of this country. We are going to defend the sanctity of marriage, between one man and one woman. We are not going to let you make a mockery of it.

Shame on the Human Rights Campaign for trying to “bully” Clement into backing down. What? Are we in 5th grade now that we can’t behave like adults? Let’s man up here people! We get a lot of crap when we stand up for the truth in marriage. How about we start dishing some of that crap back out to people who try to silence us, huh? Let’s stand up for what he know is right and true! How about we start calling them out for what they really are? They want to silence us, and we cannot be silenced.

Clement has some really great quotes throughout the article. I encourage everyone to read it. It’s very educational.

Have a great day!


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