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Who’s in a Minority?

Oh, California. I think you are going downhill so rapidly you can’t even recognize it.

This isn’t really new news, but California will begin to include homosexual curriculum in their public schools starting in January. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals are not considered minorities, along with people with disabilities and Hispanics.

It’s probably no surprise to y’all to hear that I think California is stupid for passing this law. It’s stupid that their government thinks it has a right to teach little children about homosexuality. It’s actually quite disgusting.

But I’m not going to focus on this aspect of the law so much.

Nope. What I’m going to focus on is how everyone seems to be a member of a minority now.

For instance, I’m a minority merely because I’m a woman. My little sister is a minority because she has Down Syndrome.

My gay neighbors down the street are minority members.

Other GLBT members are minorities because they like people of the same-sex.

Transgendered people are minorities because they think they should be a member of the other sex (even though their body is telling them “No Way.”)

Someone made a good point in the comment section of the article. “Latinos make up about 37.6% of the Californian population and in comparison Catholics comprise about 28.8%…”

Are Catholics considered a minority? Maybe we should be…

This whole “minority mentality” causes issues in our society. Everyone thinks they are entitled to something.

Homosexuals think they are entitled to forcing being gay upon us who believe it is morally wrong.

Women think they are entitled to killing innocent babies because “the fetus is not a person” and its “part of my body.”

Illegal immigrants (mostly the Hispanic ones) think they are entitled to free healthcare and free education and government aid.

As far as I’m concerned, people with disabilities are the only minority people actually worthy of aid and special recognition from the government. The government’s job is to protect its people. I know I might be a bit biased on that issue just because it hits so close to home.

So, what do y’all think? Do you think California is in the right or the wrong with this new law?



Such a Long Week

Hey y’all! I am so sorry this post is a bit delayed. I have been at training for my new job now for a week, and let me tell you, it has been a LONG week.

A week full of speakers and instruction. But out of all the days, yesterday was possibly the longest. A speaker came in to talk about GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) and the responsibility I have to that community.

I just sat there praying that the presentation would be about how we don’t have the right to discriminate against them because of their sexual orientation. And while that was talked about quite a bit, it became clear early on, and was brought up often, that I was expected to be an ally (advocated) for the GLBT community. If any of you have not heard the term “ally” referred to GLBT, in short, I am expected to put aside my morals/ethics and be a spokesperson for gay rights.

Let me tell you that I do not think it is my place to judge anyone, and I try hard to maintain a non-judgemental attitude. I don’t treat people differently because they are gay. I do not feel weird around them. They are human beings just like me. I treat them with respect. But I do not find their lifestyle morally acceptable, and I can not, with a free conscience, stand there an advocated for same-sex marriage and gay rights.

Not only did the rest of my co-workers and I sit there listening to the woman speak about gay rights and the laws that are not in place to protect their rights, but at the end we were expected to act in a short skit. The skits were real situations about mistreatment of GLBT members. In one way, I understand why she did the skits: to help us understand that this discrimination is real and that people are getting harassed and mistreated. In the other sense, it was extremely uncomfortable.

During the entire three-hour presentation, I felt like the only person in the room who has sticking to my beliefs. If someone was closed off in the beginning and sticking to what they believed in, they had given into believing that homosexuality was ok in the end.

As a conservative college student in a liberal college world, these sorts of situations happen often. But it never ceases to amaze me how many people are so easily swayed by a single presentation.

My challenge to you other college kids is this: Stay open-minded. Listen to what people are saying. Don’t sit there and judge them. But don’t back down on what you believe is right. Don’t sacrifice your morals and values. Treat everyone with respect. But expect them to respect you in return. Be who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you that your conservative views are wrong or faulty. And trust in God in everything that you do.

Have a great day!


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