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What’s Actually Going On?

Is she alive?

Yes, folks. I, Lucy, am still living. I realize that I haven’t blogged in FOREVER. My deepest apologies. I don’t know where the time went…

One minute I’m driving home for Christmas break, baking Christmas cookies and opening Christmas presents with my family…

The next I’m sitting in my research methods class falling asleep. What in the world…?

But no, really. That’s exactly how it happened.

So I guess it’s back to reality. Back to life. Back to work. Back to school. Back to schoolwork. Back to politics. Can I get a whoop whoop?

Apparently I’ve missed some things while I’ve been out in LaLa land. Bachmann dropped out of the race. Romney won New Hampshire (apparently by a landslide). Ron Paul still thinks he has a chance. (Let’s hope not. What a disaster.) My hopes are still on Santorum. I refuse to give up hope. 🙂 POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

Man, I’m telling you, there is no good news. I sitting here skimming the front page of the Washington Post… Here are some of the headlines.

Voters unswayed by attacks on work at Bain — This has to do with Romney, if you were interested. I’m not.

Two Army brigades to leave Europe — Eh. A little bit more interesting… Not particularly.

Billion-dollar candidate? Not likely. — Of course Obama’s on here. And of course it’s a trivial subject… We all know he’s going to save his money and waste the taxpayers on lavish parties and campaign funds. We all know he’s doing it.

He’s 5’7”. And the next big thing? — Some basketball thing. Not sure why it’s important. Maybe because the dude teeny?

More older Americans are working — And… It’s because the retirement age is like 70 now. Of course older Americans are working; they don’t have a choice!

Colbert transfers super PAC to Stewart — I just don’t even know…

I have no interest in any of these articles. Shall we move onto the New York Times? Things look a little bit better here. At least some of them have a dash of relevance.

U.S. Sends Top Iranian Leader a Warning on Strait Threat — I would at least READ this article.

Danish Squatters Want to Buy but Not Own — Hmm. Sounds like people wanting others to give them stuff… Typical.

PACs’ Aid Allows Romney’s Rivals to Extend Race — Good to know, especially since I don’t really prefer good ole Romney at this point in time.

Colbert for President: A Run or a Comedy Riff? — Seriously? Of course it’s a comedy riff. Get real. This is as bad at the Post’s about Colbert and Stewart. Ding dongs.

No Snow, but a Wintry Mix of Opinion — Buurrrrr… Who’s opinion? Political opinion? Economic opinion? Student’s or adult’s opinions? Is it interesting enough to consider reading?

Video Multiplies U.S. Difficulties in Afghanistan — We do not need any more difficulties anywhere. We’re up to our ears in difficulties.

Synthetic Windpipe Replaces a Cancerous One — Whoa. That’s cool.

Ok, so, not only does the New York Times have more article options on their front page, but they’re better articles (I can’t really believe I’m saying that… Oh well.) This is going to be the moral of this story… Since I don’t feel like blogging about a particular article at this point.

There is not a single news source that a person can look at for all their information. There are days where NY Times has zero on their home page and Washington Post has something relevant. Sometimes neither of them have anything and I look on CNN and Fox News.  Don’t look at one news source and call it a day. It takes a lot of research and digging to really become informed and education. Plus, when people say stupid crap such as… “You’re a conservative! You only watch Fox News. You watch biased news sources and only look at the one conservative view-point on issues…” YOU can say… “I read Fox News, I read CNN, I read the Times, I read the Post…” Educate yourself! Be better than everyone else! Know the opposing viewpoints and their arguments. That’s the only way you can formulate your arguments effectively.

Can you imagine how silly liberals would sound in they only watched CNN all day? Oh, wait….




As I’m sure you have all heard, some crazies were arrested in New York Thursday after buying weapons (lots of weapons) from an undercover cop. These weapons included illegal weapons, grenades, semi-automatic pistols, ammunition, and bullet proof vests. Their motive? To commit an act of terrorism, which was supposedly driven by antisemitism. According to this NYT article, they also believe that Muslims are “mistreated” throughout the world. They were going to blow up synagogues and churches! “They wanted to kill Jews.” My gosh. How lovely.

First off, congrats to those cops who caught these loonies. They weren’t able to carry out with their plan, which is fantastic!

But where in the world is the FBI? There was “no involvement from the F.B.I. or the United States attorney’s office.” So let me get this straight… The FBI, the FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation (or aka the Federal Bureau of Incompetence, lol), refuses to take on a terrorist case? They refuse to federally try these two terrorists? The state of New York now has to try these mentally insane men in their State Supreme Court.

Anyone else see this as strange, or is it just me? Maybe I’m making too big a deal out of this… But I don’t think I am.

The FBI should have taken this terrorist case… Oh, I know the article says they take major terrorist cases. Good for them. That’s their job. But can we define major terrorist cases and minor terrorist cases please? I mean, what the heck is the difference?! I’d like to know what a minor terrorist case is because every act of terrorism seems pretty major to me! People are at risk in both kinds. And if they’re enacted, people die. Innocent Americans die.

And Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. “They don’t take all the cases,” give me a break… of course not dummy. Don’t ya think this case is kinda, hmm I don’t know, important maybe? Don’t ya think that the FBI should take ALL terrorist cases? Don’t ya? Yeah, obviously not.

But let’s think about this. Can’t you infer from the FBI not taking this case that the federal government is unconcerned with this terrorist threat? And how are we, as Americans, supposed to trust the federal government to protect us at home?

Our troops are doing a great job overseas, trying to kill terrorist. I applaud them and God Bless them.

But the problem is not with our troops. It’s with our government. It’s with the FBI. They have a duty to protect us! They have a duty to make sure that justice is served. They have a duty to put those two wack-jobs in jail FOREVER. They’re not doing their job… I say let’s fire them all. 😛 Just kidding, but seriously. They definitely need to get their act together. BIG TIME.

I love the interview with, ahem, MR. Ferhani’s father. (MISTER! I am not calling that idiot Mr. Please.) So Terrorist Ferhani’s father had some stuff to say about his son. “He’s a very good kid”, “He got involved with a bad kid. He’s a naïve person. He has a very good heart, but if somebody tries to tell him something, he always believes it.”

Oh please… I know it’s hard to believe your son is a terrorist, but come on. You had NO idea? None? Are you sure you’re his father? Are you sure you’re not a terrorist? Raises some questions, does it not?

Let’s talk hypothetically for a minute. All of a sudden, I started wanting to do some not nice things, like hey! blowing up some synagogues. Ok. I sure as heck know that my parents would begin to see a difference in my demeanor, my ideals, my personality if I was such a nice little girl when I was younger. And they’d probably call the cops on me. So don’t give me that stuff that his father just had NO idea his son held radical beliefs… and was going to bomb the city’s Jews.

And definitely don’t dish me this crap… “He said his son was raised as a Muslim, in Algeria, before the family fled in 1994 at the height of its civil war. ‘But he’s not a religious fanatic,’ Mr. Ferhani said. ‘He doesn’t pray; he drinks.’”

Ok ok. He drinks… How much? Could the alcoholism have anything to do with the crazy, bizarre, insane, radical, STUPID, behavior? Could it maybe have started to mess with his head, even just a ‘lil bit? Was he doing any other drugs?

And now WHOA. How freaky is this? “As [Margaret E. Gandy (the prosecutor)] spoke [about holding the two men without bail], Mr. Ferhani lifted his head and mouthed words that could not be heard from the gallery.” Uummmmmm… I wish I knew what words he spoke. Maybe a prayer to Allah to strike all Americans down because they are horrible, HORRIBLE, people. Like father like son, perhaps?

And then, as if it couldn’t get any better, the two mentally unstable crazies denied plotting a terrorist attack. Denied it. And two lawyers are defending them! That’s the scariest part of this… that two lawyers believe that they weren’t planning on attacking Jewish Americans.

God help us all.


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