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Watching Barack Speak

Sorry y’all! I know I know… it’s been forever since I’ve been on here. Blame higher education. So, this story is kind of late buuuuut…

I SAW OBAMA SPEAK LIVE. Yeah… I know! It was exactly like watching him on TV. Dead serious. I didn’t think it was anything special. He strutted out. He waved like he was Bono. He nodded his head a lot. Said thank you trillions of time. Tried to get the crowd to stop applauding (half-heartedly I thought). And then began his shpeel on the American Jobs Act. (Which apparently… if you would like to know what’s in it, Obama told us to read it on I guess it’s too lengthy to summarize? Or he just didn’t feel like he owed us a little description of what the bill was about? Who knows?)

I saw him speak on Sept. 14. The cool thing about it was that I got to see a standing President speak live. The downside to it was that I had heard the same speech on TV less than a week before (his jobs speech on Thursday, Sept. 8). It was the exact same speech. PASS THIS BILL! PASS IT NOW! If you love me you’ll pass this jobs bill! (And I was always taught that if someone you were in a relationship with said “if you love me” it was an unhealthy relationship…)

It was nauseating how the crowd ate it up. Like they had no brains of their own and just loooooooved everything Obama had to say. (Granted, it was a bunch of liberal college kids, at a university, which is pretty liberal… Eh.)

And I’m sure you’d ask, “So, Lucy, was Obama’s speech entertaining at all?”

WELL! I’m super glad you asked. Despite the fact that I learned nothing new about this jobs creation act and I was told I could read it online (psh), his speech was quite entertaining.

During his speech, I was sitting next to a foreign exchange student from Australia who was studying “politics” (like me!). And we had a good time critiquing Obama’s speech. She couldn’t believe that people actually believed the nonsense that was spewing from his lips. We talked about how it was curious he never told us how he was going to create all of these jobs. Obama never told us what was going to happen in the creation of the jobs. He never told us how we are going to pay for these jobs. (Apparently by themselves… in both speeches I watched, he said that the bill would be paid for. How? Magically? Is China paying for this bill? Are you going to raise taxes to pay for the bill? HOW is it going to be paid for?)

It was entertaining to see everyone’s reactions. Both the students and Obama’s.

And I’m not going to lie…. It was neat to be able to see a standing President talk. Plus, I’m in the marching band and we were able to play for him. Once in a lifetime stuff I think. And, I have a special VIP ticket. 😛

Hope y’all are having a fantastic week!


“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.” ~Lyndon B. Johnson


Oh My.

I have many liberal friends. In fact, most of my friends are liberal. And they are one of the main reasons I started this blog. So I will be putting one of them on the spot in this blog. Their name has been omitted, for obvious reasons.

This is their Facebook status: when did saying “I like the President” turn into something so terrible as to make it almost reprehensible? I wonder if it’s because he’s Liberal, or because he’s black, or maybe just because he scares them because of how much he wants to change this country for the better…either way he’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

There are obvious flaws with this status. It’s taking all of the self-control I can muster not to comment on this status and start a FB debate (I have done that multiple times before.) But I know I’ll win the debate, so it’s not really worth it. Instead, I’ll blog my thoughts you to lovely folks.

HOW STUPID IS THIS?! Seriously, my friend, you need to open your brain and let the light in. Let’s dust out the cobwebs here…

Obama has done NOTHING. Let me repeat this for those of you who are hard of hearing. OBAMA has done NOTHING to help out country.

His stimulus plan was a dud. Cash for clunkers was a failure. How’s his health care plan doing? How’s unemployment? How’s the deficit that he swore would be reduced by half before his first term was over?

Yeah… I rest my case.

It’s not terrible to simply say “I like the president.” I’m sure he would be a decent guy on the golf course or out shooting some hoops or a good guy to consult for your March Madness basketball stuff.

But as a politician who holds the fate of this great country in his hands, he has to be… I don’t even know. An incompetent, not helpful, thing? Honestly. What EXACTLY has he DONE  since he’s been in office? I would LOVE for you to tell me… Somebody! Anybody! GIVE ME ANSWERS!

He certainly is liberal, can’t lie with that.

He’s, ummm, black? Correction. He is half black. More correctly he is “mixed race.” Let’s, again, get our facts straight. That’s an easy one… And one thing I don’t understand that relates to this black comment… In a world that wants to eliminate race, how come it’s always shoved in our faces? Oh! We have a black president! If skin color didn’t matter, then how come we give it so much emphasis? Just some food for thought. I like challenging y’all.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am scared of Obama. Definitely. I’m scared that he has people believing that he wants to change people for the better. I’m scared that he still has followers. I’m scared that people still like him. I’m scared of the ideas he is able to concoct. I’m scared of our deficit. I’m scared of the unemployment rates. I’m scared of him being reelected into office in 2012. I’m scared of the stupidity of some people (of my friends!). I’m scared of the direction our country is going under Obama. I’m scared of ObamaCare. I’m scared of what our taxes could look like in a few years.

Another question… What in the world is the alternative? If Obama is better than it, then it must be Hitler or a scary, 3-headed monster that is going to eat all Americans. Lol.

I don’t think this is what my dear friend means. If I had to guess, the alternative is the Republicans, the Tea-Partiers, the *gasp* CONSERVATIVES!!! Oooooh, the horrors! Save us all! Obama! Where is our savior?!

Good grief. When I heard S.E. Cupp speak, she said something extremely profound… (It’s paraphrased a little, but you’ll get the gist.) “We are all born conservative. We don’t want to pay high taxes or be indebted to the government or have our lives controlled by others who think they have the right to control it.” Well said, S.E. Who in their right mind (no pun intended) wants to have their lives controlled by other people? Not me, say I. I think I’ll run my own life, thanks.

If only my thick friends and all other liberals out there were smart enough to think the same way… Ahhh. Sweet wishes.


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