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I absolutely love Halloween. It’s kind of a big deal in my family. My dad cooks all day: yummy chili and gumbo. The atmosphere is full of anticipation and the smell of my dad’s cooking. Mom has decorated the house beautifully with fun Halloween decorations and fall goodness. Browns, reds, and oranges are everywhere. Even the trees celebrate with their changing leaves.

The kids would get their costumes ready. Mom made sure the candy bowl was full. Grandma and Grandpa come up for this special day. No one can wait for the sun to start going down so that Trick-or-Treating can begin. After dinner, Dad and Grandpa (and for a bit Mom and Grandma) would take us kiddos out Trick-or-Treating. I remember being so excited! I would run to everyone’s house and practically SCREAM “trick-or-treat.” One year, I even sprained my ankle running up and down the hills of our neighborhood.

I went trick-or-treating until my sophomore year of high school; I decided I had more fun passing out candy to the little kids and seeing all of their cute costumes. It’s so exciting to see all the cute princesses, the handsome little cops, the scary zombies and witches.

Halloween is supposed to be fun! Dressing up, getting candy… It’s classic.

I found this article while browsing the Washington Post this morning.

It is a picture of Obama as a Zombie with Nancy Pelosi. There are a few supplementary pictures in this little collage. I’m not going to lie, I kind of laughed at it. I thought it was funny. It’s celebrating Halloween with our elected leaders. I’m torn, however, in my opinion of it.

I understand where the VA. Governor McDonnell is coming from concerning the picture. We all need to have respect for each other and our political leaders. (In their case, they need to respect their political counterparts). Respect needs to transcend party lines and political ideologies. And the bullet hole in Obama’s head could possible come off the wrong way…

But on the other hand, I feel like this picture is well within the rights of the First Amendment, of Freedom of Speech. It’s not condoning killing President Obama. It’s just celebrating the Halloween spirit. Perhaps they could have made the picture without the bullet hole… but Zombies are living-dead things aren’t they? Don’t put too much thought into it.

I think this is just a difference of opinion about what is respectful and civil and what is not. It’s a difference of humor, and maybe Gov. McDonnell needs to get one and just have a little bit of fun.

The best part of the picture, though, is not Obama. Nope. It’s Nancy Pelosi. It doesn’t look much different from any other picture of her. 😛

Happy Tuesday everyone.



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